Universal College of Pharmacy



Class Rooms at Universal College are spacious, airy and well ventilated. The furniture is designed keeping in view the comfort and the necessities of the students. The class rooms are equipped with modern teaching aids such as Over Head Projector, LCD Projector, Magnetic Boards, Power Presentation Techniques (PPT), Public Address System etc.

Pharmaceutical Labs

Pharmaceutical Sciences Labs includes Pharmaceutic Lab, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab, Pharmacology Lab, Computer Lab, Machine Room and Instrumentation room etc. All the above said labs have latest equipment’s in sufficient number to meet the requirement of the students.

Language lab for improving English communication skills

English language communication skills labs play a vital role in the developing communication skills among the students. Students from various cultures feel hard to learn English and its proficiency. The thirst of English language learning needs some solution.


Well maintained buses of Universal College are running from all around the city to facilitate our students and make their way from college to home and vice-versa an easy and safer deal.


We regularly conducts various activities where students would like to indulge in playing cricket, volley ball, badminton, etc. Universal college encourage students to improve their overall personality.

24×7 Wifi Internet Connections

All the academics blocks, hostels, library and other central facilities are interconnected through access points to campus wide wireless network. The power of internet and its capabilities to support the academics research and studies, sharing knowledge is well known. For the same purpose, the college provides internet access through a 32Mbps 24×7 Internet Broadband link.

Dispensary & Medical Facilities

Universal College has a dispensary running in the premises itself to provide proper medical facilities to not only students but staff, faculty members, workers and even the residents of the local area.


Library is an indispensable part of any college imparting its services to the students, faculty members and other staff members. We assure you to offer the best library services.


The College Canteen is spread over an area specially designed to comfortably serve students. An all day cafeteria ensures refreshments for “busy minds”. Apart from serving tea, coffee, cold-drinks, fruit juices, ice creams & fast foods the canteen provides special lunch packs.

Computer Lab

The College maintains a well equipped computer lab having the efficiency to meet the requirement of computer networking including of Audio & Visual communicating facilities for students.